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Mood Light - Video

Thursday 20th November 2014

Proximity and day light harvesting systems have been around for a long time. You enter a room the light comes on, as the sunlight intensifies automatically the internal lights dim, ...

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Mirai Mirai on the Road - Video

Wednesday 19th November 2014

We have watched with interest the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and yesterday Toyota announced they will launch their ‘Mirai’ hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV) in Japan on December ...

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Africa's Biggest Solar Energy Plant

Tuesday 18th November 2014

The Jasper Solar Power Project near Kimberley, South Africa, is the largest solar energy plant in Africa. Completed just last month it will produce 180,000 megawatt-hours of energy annually for ...

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Black Box Saving

Monday 17th November 2014

A ‘black box’ that the developers claim cut energy bills by 20% is about to go on sale in the UK. The box will switch appliances off and on in ...

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Harvest Time

Thursday 13th November 2014

A new technique for generating electrical energy from vibrations has been discovered, with a technique that harvests energy from mechanical vibrations by converting them into electricity - it is small ...

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Fuel Measure

Wednesday 12th November 2014

What are the after effects of Scotch whisky - a headache, room spinning, a dry mouth and a lot more? Well…yes, but how about the the after effects of the ...

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Panel Power

Tuesday 11th November 2014

A car powered by its own body panels could soon be driving on the roads after a breakthrough in nanotechnology research by a team from the Queensland University of Technology ...

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CO2 Eliminator

Friday 7th November 2014

It would be fantastic to find a cost effective method of neutralizing carbon fuel emissions - to be able to cut out those pollutants and greenhouse gases from power stations ...

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Jet Powered Home

Thursday 6th November 2014

How about using jet fuel in your house to power things? I am sure you would pale at the suggestion - a small spark would cause panic, so you would ...

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Silver Green Car

Wednesday 5th November 2014

Green transport takes on many forms, with hydrogen maybe the choice for future development. At the opening of Mercedes Product Engineering Center in Beijing the company introduced their G-Code SUV ...

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Sky High Solar - Video

Tuesday 4th November 2014

California-based Solar Flight has released details of their latest plans and concept for a solar powered plane - the Sunstar. It is an planned as an unmanned or manned aircraft, ...

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Solar Skin - Video

Monday 3rd November 2014

Solar panels stand out on a building like a zit on the face! Unsightly solar panels may not be wholly bad, at least people will see that your making efforts ...

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Measure the Wind

Friday 31st October 2014

How much power can you get from offshore wind turbines - there must be some formula that scientists use to calculate at least an estimate - but in the U.S. ...

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Turn Off Reminder

Thursday 30th October 2014

Today’s post is offering some practical advise - a reminder of some of the basic energy saving actions we all need to make at home. We would hope these actions ...

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Waves of Power

Wednesday 29th October 2014

Wireless charging of smart devices seems convenient and the future of charging - placing your device on a mat or pad to charge without the hassle of cables and plugs ...

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Renewable Megabattery

Tuesday 28th October 2014

Renewable energy has a weakness which we have posted about previously, consistency of supply. The peaks and troughs of power supply due to wind speed variation or the changable intensity ...

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Hot Waste Water

Monday 27th October 2014

We have posted in the past about generating electrical energy from the heat in water. Often from a shower or similar, with the water lost down the waste pipe - ...

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Trash Car

Friday 24th October 2014

The scene from the end of Back to the Future when Doc Brown feeds garbage into the ‘Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor’ installed into his DeLorean made us all wish ...

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Solar Clean Air

Thursday 23rd October 2014

Electrolux Design Lab have announced the six finalists for this years innovators competition, and inline with recent years one of the entries use green energy. The UrbanCONE, by Polish designer MichaƂ ...

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Rank Green Lands

Wednesday 22nd October 2014

How is your country performing regarding green investments, energy efficiency and sustainability, and how does its performance compare to what we think of the way it performs on green issues, ...

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Low Lights

Tuesday 21st October 2014

Energy saving lighting is a vital in improving energy efficiency, whether just replacing incandescents with energy saving or LED bulbs, but how about a replacement that uses just 0.1 Watts ...

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Thin on Electricity

Monday 20th October 2014

Researchers claim to have discover the world’s thinnest electric generator. Being two dimensional it could power wearable and small personal devices. The researchers from Columbia Engineering and the Georgia Institute of ...

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Hybrid LED

Friday 17th October 2014

LED lighting is the choice for most modern installations and households. The light is a little cold, but they last longer than incandescents and are far more energy efficient. That ...

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Horns of Energy

Thursday 16th October 2014

Renewable energy is not normally regarded as akin to art, although some feel there is an elegance to a turning wind turbine, while others think hey are blights on the ...

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Power Tires

Wednesday 15th October 2014

Electric vehicle uptake is slowed by concerns over charging, fuelling your car with batteries and limited range. If these concerns can be addressed suddenly the EV market could rocket. Resolution ...

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