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Smart Device to Provide Energy Control for Home Users

Wednesday 19th October 2016

The smart home is getting ever closer to all of us - with smart thermostats and related products from Nest, Hive and others and then Apple introducing their Home App ...

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Irish Farmers and Sole Traders to Benefit from Energy Efficiency Tax Relief

Wednesday 12th October 2016

BUDGET support for use of energy efficient equipment by farmers and sole traders will save money and protect the environment according to the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA). The decision to accept ...

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It Makes SENSE to Save Energy

Wednesday 5th October 2016

Being able to see the electricity you use is a major step to being able to manage your energy use, helping to save energy and money. There are very advanced ...

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2016 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard - Who Did Well, Who Didn't?

Wednesday 28th September 2016

In a dramatic photo finish, California and Massachusetts both won the top spot in the 10th edition of the 2016 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard published by the American Council for an ...

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Another Smart LED for Emergencies As Well

Wednesday 21st September 2016

They are at it again - Sengled, the manufacturer of innovative smart lighting solutions that we mentioned just a couple of weeks ago in a post about their smart LED ...

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First Pilot Site Installation of Cloud Based Energy Analytic Solution

Wednesday 14th September 2016

The TOPAs consortium (Tools for Continuous Building Performance Auditing) has recently completed connecting the first pilot buildings at the Cork Institute of Technology with an early prototype of the project ...

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Smarter than the Average Smart Light

Wednesday 7th September 2016

German manufacturer Sengled of innovative smart lighting solutions, launched the Sengled Element smart bulb at the IFA International Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin at the weekend. A bulb that is ...

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New Energy Efficiency Rules for Scottish Non-domestic Buildings

Monday 5th September 2016

THIS month new rules in Scotland require owners of commercial property to implement certain energy efficiency improvements before they are able to sell or lease premises. The Assessment of Energy Performance ...

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Smart Appliances an Easier Investment to Save Energy

Wednesday 31st August 2016

Jessica Oak, has penned a post on Earth 911 which makes interesting reading fro those interested in energy efficiency. Jessica states accurately how many people consider investing in solar power ...

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Increasing Demand for Air Con Requires Energy Saving Action

Tuesday 23rd August 2016

The summer has been hot in the northern hemisphere, with many places hitting record highs. Just the very humid and hot days have people delighting in the sweet flow from ...

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Energy Saving in Healthcare Can Deliver More Than Money

Wednesday 17th August 2016

In the energy efficiency industry there is a concern that hospitals and health care are a major consumer of energy, and hence it is a major target for the industry. It ...

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Energy Saving Socket for your Gadget Charging

Wednesday 10th August 2016

You check you smart phone or tablet and see that the battery is getting low, and like most of us you plug it and leave it there until you need ...

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MIT Researchers Monitor the Energy Used by Individual Appliances

Wednesday 3rd August 2016

Knowing how much energy individual appliances or pieces of equipment is consuming is a major step improving energy efficiency. if you can see the energy used you will know which ...

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DC Delivers Major IT Energy Savings

Wednesday 27th July 2016

An interesting innovation that promises to save up to 80% of the energy used to power IT devices looks set to help many businesses and organisations not only cut utility ...

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Cool Your House and Save Energy This Summer

Wednesday 20th July 2016

With summer here, and some places receiving blasts of heat in particular, how can you stay cool without buying loads of energy to run AC systems. Or if you haven’t ...

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Radiator Squirrel is the Nuts for Simple Energy Saving - Video

Wednesday 13th July 2016

Keeping energy saving simple is the best method. Unfortunately energy efficiency technology and innovation is often by its very nature is complicated. Hence, it’s great when we come across a simple ...

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Launch of Solar Powered Cars

Wednesday 6th July 2016

Powering a car by renewal energy is claimed by many people to be a sensible idea - the problem is realising that in a real world environment. Certainly solar energy ...

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Trucks Powered on Electric Avenue

Wednesday 29th June 2016

The world´s first electric road is being inaugurated near the city of Gävle in central Sweden, the result of a unique partnership demonstrating the path towards fossil-free transportation. Scania is ...

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Captain Piccard Logs First Solar Atlantic Flight - Video

Wednesday 22nd June 2016

The Solar Impulse 2 aircraft has completed the first solar-powered flight across the Atlantic, writing itself one more into the record books. Bertrand Piccard was at the controls of the ...

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Magnetic Commercial Refrigeration Reduces Energy

Thursday 16th June 2016

Fridges swallow up energy while sitting in your kitchen, buzzing away keeping your chilled foods at a healthy temperature - they are not particularly eco-friendly, despite the A rating not ...

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The Rock of Gibraltar's Wave Power

Wednesday 8th June 2016

A prominent lump of rock at the entrance to the mediterraen sea is an ideal place to develop wave energy, which is exacty what Eco Wave Power Ltd. (EWP) have ...

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Fishy Power for the Future

Wednesday 1st June 2016

Many researchers have been attempting to find an evermore eco-friendly ways to generate electricity. There have been attempts to see ways to use bacteria and even human waste to provide ...

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Avoid a Blackout at Home While Charging your EV

Wednesday 25th May 2016

One of the main problems that electric vehicle users find while trying to charge their cars at home is that a potential non-expected overconsumption may cause a black out in ...

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Self Charging Battery Worn on Skin

Wednesday 18th May 2016

An international research team has developed a means for applying a stretchable battery to human skin that not only carries enough charge to power a portable device, but can be ...

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Stepping Down for Energy

Wednesday 11th May 2016

UK firm Pavegen’s floor tiles that convert the kinetic energy of footsteps into electricity were first developed in 2009, and we posted about how they had laid their high-tech paving ...

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