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Charge Cycle

Tuesday 23rd April 2013

It seems a while since we looked at a cycle powered device, so its good to post about a potential new one looking for backers on Kickstarter - the Siva ...

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Algae Glow

Monday 22nd April 2013

Night lights are useful, in the kids room they keep the monsters from under the bed and stop the beasts leaping out of the partially opened wardrobe. For adults they ...

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See the Heat

Friday 19th April 2013

Seeing where energy is being used and particularly wasted is a prime concern for those trying to improve energy efficiency, save energy and costs. Advance metering helps, but another tool ...

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Guest Post - The Journey to Saving the Earth

Thursday 18th April 2013

Today we welcome a guest post from Sam Marquit. Sam is a green building contractor and writes about the often unsung work of many companies to improve the sustainability of ...

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Highlight Skylight - Video

Wednesday 17th April 2013

Skylights have been used forever to add light to the interior of a building, natural light harvesting, so they can be energy saving allowing you to switch off lighting. They ...

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Shhh a Motorcycle

Tuesday 16th April 2013

The roar of a motorcycle as it speeds past you, which either inspires or annoys, could be a thing of the past, or even the psst, as that is the ...

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Chateau Smile

Monday 15th April 2013

As you sip your wine, the carbon footprint of the vineyard that produced it is probably far from your thoughts - think again, particularly when brushing your teeth. The fermentation process ...

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Green House

Friday 12th April 2013

If you had algae growing on your house the first thing you would do is call someone who could clean it off! But not if you were the owner of ...

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Sparking Wings - Video

Thursday 11th April 2013

Electrically powered planes have been a dream of many aircraft designers, the problem was getting a power cord long enough! That problem has been overcome through the resurrection of a ...

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Energy From Thick London FOG

Wednesday 10th April 2013

We all do it - and we know we shouldn’t - but we pour things down our sinks that cause problems, fats, grease, oil, you name it goes down the ...

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Blown Away

Tuesday 9th April 2013

Three years back Italian police struck at the Sicilian Mafia when they arrested and froze the assets of one Vito ‘Lord of the Wind’ Nicastri. It was discovered that Nicastri ...

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More Roads to Energy

Monday 8th April 2013

Only last week we posted on a story that researchers in India are looking at building solar panel roofs over highways to provide some serious MW of renewable energy - ...

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Electric Ferrari Eater

Friday 5th April 2013

Electric vehicles (EV) are certainly becoming more common place, but in real terms just a few models exist compared to the traditional petrol and diesel variety. But it does seem ...

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Magic Transport is Energy Efficient

Thursday 4th April 2013

Do not be surprised in the not too distant future if after waiting in for an engineer or technician to make a service visit you get a call to say ...

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Wind and Water Energy

Wednesday 3rd April 2013

We posted a couple of weeks ago about a wind energy device that disposed of blades and now, like London buses, another one has come along soon after. One of the ...

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Energy Highway

Tuesday 2nd April 2013

In a country where land values are multiplying faster than the chillies thrown into a curry, finding room to place solar panels can be difficult. Scientists in India are considering ...

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Green Departures, and Arrivals!

Thursday 28th March 2013

Airports are not generally thought of as green centers, with high emitters such as aircraft in and out and plenty of road traffic, let alone the airport itself. Hence, recent ...

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Renewable Snaps

Wednesday 27th March 2013

New digital still and video cameras seem to hit the market every week - some low cost while others are pricey but all promising great pictures through using loads of ...

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Solid Waste

Tuesday 26th March 2013

Biofuel is central to many sustainable energy strategies, cutting carbon and producing energy, but it also produces waste that has left environmentalists scratching their heads as to what to do ...

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Solar Electrified Livestock

Monday 25th March 2013

A common sight across farmland are the electrified fences - sounds menacing but they only carry a small charge and discourage livestock from straying. The problem can be how do you ...

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PETE - Progressing but can do better!

Friday 22nd March 2013

PETE offers you a chance for sustainable future - twice over! Who’s PETE - ‘Photon enhanced thermionic emission’ was introduced to the world three years ago by Stanford University researchers as ...

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Square Mile of Sun Power

Thursday 21st March 2013

  It isn’t surprising to see the world’s largest concentrated solar power (CSP) complex has been built in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is hot and sunny there, allowing plenty ...

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Green Play

Wednesday 20th March 2013

SimCity is a very popular, if frustrating, computer game which is also educational - teaching you how to build, expand and develop a city, or destroy through bad decisions. Now ...

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Energy Downhill

Tuesday 19th March 2013

When dealing with a site of natural significance, such as a National Park, sustainability moves up to a whole new level. The beautiful natural environment means that great sensitivity needs ...

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Charging In Motion

Monday 18th March 2013

We have covered the advance of wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging through these posts over the past few months. It is an ideal method of charging your electric car - ...

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