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Deck the Walls this Winter - Video

Wednesday 7th November 2012

As many in the more northerly latitudes face the colder autumnal and winter temperatures our energy bills are certain to soar due to the thermostats being turned up to keep ...

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One Lump or Two to Heat Your Coffee? - Video

Tuesday 6th November 2012

There is a lot of research going into alternative sources of energy and bio based fuels are high on the list - in this post we look at an ingenious ...

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Wherever the Sun May Shine - Video

Monday 5th November 2012

We are used to having energy whenever and wherever we need it, if that suddenly goes - as it has for many millions of victims of Superstorm Sandy - we ...

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No Power? Carry it With You - Video

Friday 2nd November 2012

Today we review another solar charger unit to power your smart technology, such as iPhone, Tablet or GPS, in this case over 3000 products! This unit yet again would be ...

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Rock Your Body - Charge Your iPad

Thursday 1st November 2012

We posted about a rocking chair that would convert kinetic energy into electricity to charge your iPad or a reading light back in August (go to post here) - it ...

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Save Energy by Grabbing a Cool One - Video

Wednesday 31st October 2012

If you want to drink a beer you grab a chilled one and enjoy - but if you are out and about, maybe on a boat or a camping trip ...

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Energy Mover Ideal for Frankenstorm

Tuesday 30th October 2012

With the eastern United States suffering the full effects of ‘Frankenstorm’ Sandy millions will be facing days without power. So with a thought for all those suffering we bring you another ...

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Blue Jeans Green Future - Video

Monday 29th October 2012

How would you like to impact the environment by reducing harmful emissions just by pulling on your jeans? Fashion and science have combined to achieve this very goal. Artist and designer ...

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Renewable Energy Where You Need It - Video

Friday 26th October 2012

Over the last few months we have posted about many gadgets that can supply power in remote areas or disaster zones, today we bring you something more than a gadget ...

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Save Energy Don't Wash - Video

Thursday 25th October 2012

We’ve all been there, used the nose test for our clothes. We’ve rolled out of bed, looked round for the first thing to put on, picked up yesterdays t-shirt, given ...

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Save Hot Water, Save Energy

Wednesday 24th October 2012

Water saving is important ecologically and reducing the amount of hot water we use is an important step towards energy saving. The UK’s Energy Saving Trust stated that ‘The largest ...

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Dance to an Energy Saving Beat

Tuesday 23rd October 2012

Inventor and innovator Trevor Baylis invented the wind up radio in 1989 after hearing about the importance of radio broadcasts providing education and information about AIDS in Africa. He has been ...

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Alchemy Offers Fuel Future - Video

Monday 22nd October 2012

When you get to a service station to fill up your car you may also need air and water - that could soon take on a new meaning in gas ...

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Cook - Heat - Call

Friday 19th October 2012

We often post about energy saving or eco gadgets that are primarily designed for use in the wild, camping or in emergency situations, and today we have another unique product ...

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Mow, a Beer and Save Energy - Video

Thursday 18th October 2012

Looking more like something that should be circulating Le Mans, but this is not a high performance racing machine just a lawnmower and an ideal 'man's toy!' To be fair it ...

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Pebble Shower

Wednesday 17th October 2012

We are interested in environmental issues on this blog - not just energy saving, so today we thought we would post about saving water. Using a shower is far better than ...

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Energy Flight of Fancy - Video

Tuesday 16th October 2012

A major concern for potential owners of electric vehicles is running out of energy and the nearest charging point still being a few miles away - or we guess even ...

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Heat Flow - Video

Monday 15th October 2012

As the autumnal weather creeps across the northern hemisphere heating is switched back on and the energy bills will rise - we need the heat but can we still save ...

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The Solar Power Plunge (Advertisement)

Monday 15th October 2012

  The Solar Power Plunge - Taking the First Step Is Easier Than You Think Contrary to how it looks at first glance, taking the first step towards powering your home, school, ...

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Drip-Tock, Drip-Tock

Friday 12th October 2012

Look around your house and we bet somewhere, unless you are uber efficient - or some would say anally retentive, you will have a perfectly good clock stuck in time ...

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The Balls to Save Energy - Video

Thursday 11th October 2012

A couple of posts ago we highlighted the advantages of using natural laundry drying, hanging out the washing in the air and sun, or even the rain with the Rotaire ...

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Energy Saving Estimate Reminder

Wednesday 10th October 2012

Let’s get a little more serious today and think about energy saving and estimating what the cost savings could be particularly for businesses. It can be easy to make a ...

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Fan the Flames - Video

Tuesday 9th October 2012

Many people install a wood burning stove as a supplement to their heating, saving energy through using an efficient, although basic form of heating - wood burning. A wood burning stove ...

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Hung Out to Dry in the Rain - Video

Monday 8th October 2012

One of the best ways to save energy is to dry your washing out of doors on a washing line. Consider the energy saving potential of natural clothes drying, using a ...

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A Light Drink - Video

Friday 5th October 2012

You wake up, you need a drink but its dark, you reach for the cup beside your bed and knock it over. It’s happened to all of us at some ...

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