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Captain Piccard Logs First Solar Atlantic Flight - Video

Wednesday 22nd June 2016

The Solar Impulse 2 aircraft has completed the first solar-powered flight across the Atlantic, writing itself one more into the record books. Bertrand Piccard was at the controls of the ...

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Magnetic Commercial Refrigeration Reduces Energy

Thursday 16th June 2016

Fridges swallow up energy while sitting in your kitchen, buzzing away keeping your chilled foods at a healthy temperature - they are not particularly eco-friendly, despite the A rating not ...

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The Rock of Gibraltar's Wave Power

Wednesday 8th June 2016

A prominent lump of rock at the entrance to the mediterraen sea is an ideal place to develop wave energy, which is exacty what Eco Wave Power Ltd. (EWP) have ...

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Fishy Power for the Future

Wednesday 1st June 2016

Many researchers have been attempting to find an evermore eco-friendly ways to generate electricity. There have been attempts to see ways to use bacteria and even human waste to provide ...

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Avoid a Blackout at Home While Charging your EV

Wednesday 25th May 2016

One of the main problems that electric vehicle users find while trying to charge their cars at home is that a potential non-expected overconsumption may cause a black out in ...

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Self Charging Battery Worn on Skin

Wednesday 18th May 2016

An international research team has developed a means for applying a stretchable battery to human skin that not only carries enough charge to power a portable device, but can be ...

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Stepping Down for Energy

Wednesday 11th May 2016

UK firm Pavegen’s floor tiles that convert the kinetic energy of footsteps into electricity were first developed in 2009, and we posted about how they had laid their high-tech paving ...

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EV Charging Network Raises $50M Funding

Wednesday 4th May 2016

The world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network, ChargePoint, has secured an additional $50 million in funding r Global sales of EVs increased by 80% in 2015 alone to more than ...

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An Unexpected Discovery Leads to Better Battery

Wednesday 27th April 2016

An unexpected discovery has led to a rechargeable battery that's as inexpensive as conventional car batteries, but has a much higher energy density. The new battery could become a cost-effective, ...

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Sun Powered San Fran

Wednesday 20th April 2016

San Francisco has unanimously passed legislation requiring solar panels to be installed on new residential and commercial buildings constructed in the city. The legislation will make San Francisco the first ...

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Green Buildings Benefit Investors and the Planet

Wednesday 13th April 2016

“Saving the planet is not the only reason why commercial real estate investors should seek out  buildings that use green technology.” The above statement if made about a new report from ...

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UK Energy From Iceland?

Wednesday 6th April 2016

Some part of the world have an over abundance of free renewable energy. Obviously we may consider desert areas with loads of sunshine and sea facing coasts with plenty of ...

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One in Five Home Appliances Use More Energy Than Claimed.

Wednesday 30th March 2016

One in five home appliances tested by UK consumer and green groups consumes more energy than claimed on the packaging.  The three year investigation into fridges, dishwashers, light bulbs and other ...

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Return of an Electrified Bubble Car

Wednesday 23rd March 2016

Some older European readers may well remember the Isetta Bubble Car. BMW Isetta produced the world’s top-selling single-cylinder car for 8 years from 1955, with 161,728 units sold. The name ...

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Energy-related CO2 Emissions Flat for Second Year

Wednesday 16th March 2016

Global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) – the largest source of man-made greenhouse gas emissions – stayed flat for the second year in a row, according to analysis of preliminary ...

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Good Vibrations for Energy

Wednesday 9th March 2016

Many innovators have tried to adapt wind turbines to be more more pleasing to the eye. They have concocted designs that look like trees, other natural or even local manmade ...

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Solar Cells as Light as a Soap Bubble

Wednesday 2nd March 2016

Imagine solar cells so thin, flexible, and lightweight that they could be placed on almost any material or surface, including your hat, shirt, or smartphone, or even on a sheet ...

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New CO2 and Water Process Produces Hydrocarbon Fuel.

Wednesday 24th February 2016

Science often turns to the natural world for modern solutions, using biomimicry. The wish has been voiced by some climate scientists that they could mimic photosynthesis, in other words absorb ...

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Follow the Sun for Maximum Power

Wednesday 17th February 2016

Putting solar panels on your roof provides you with renewable energy, and often more than you need which in many countries can be sold back to the grid. The problem ...

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Boeing's Fuel Cell that Gives and Takes

Wednesday 10th February 2016

Boeing has delivered a new type of fuel cell to the US Navy for testing. It’s the first of its kind using a technology called a “reversible solid oxide fuel ...

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The Greenest Ever Super Bowl on Sunday

Wednesday 3rd February 2016

Super Bowl 50 takes place on Sunday, when the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos will face off at Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco. The last two Super Bowl venues delivered ...

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Record Warming Due to Human-Made Climate Change?

Wednesday 27th January 2016

There seems little doubt now that our world is getting warmer, and one of the foremost weapons in combatting climate change is improving energy efficiency and hence reducing greenhouse gas ...

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London to Use the Thames for Energy as they Trial Smart Cities Program

Wednesday 20th January 2016

Using the River Thames to heat homes, testing electric bikes and trialling state-of-the-art smart parking bays are just some of the innovative projects to be put to the test in ...

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Old Light Bulbs for New?

Wednesday 13th January 2016

TRADITIONAL light bulbs, thought to be well on their way to oblivion, may receive a reprieve thanks to a technological breakthrough. Incandescent lighting and its warm, familiar glow is well over ...

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New Year, New Energy Saving You

Wednesday 6th January 2016

In our first post of 2016 let’s consider the habits that you could adopt for the year ahead that will save energy, reduce emissions and your utility bills. The U.S. ...

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