$21M in Energy Efficiency and Innovation Grants for California

THE California Energy Commission approved $21 million in grants for energy innovation and efficiency programs at its monthly business meeting.

Almost a dozen innovative projects - including one to convert forest residues to electricity and another to turn dairy manure into biogas - were funded through four key grant and loan programs.

The programs to benefit from the grant include:

Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC)
EPIC is a multi-year, research investment program focused on electricity-related innovations and bringing clean energy ideas to the marketplace. Grant recipients include:

Energy Conservation Assistance Act (ECAA)
ECAA provides zero- or low-interest loans to public entities for energy efficiency or energy generation projects. Loans are paid back within 20 years using savings from reduced energy costs. The loan recipient is:

Energy Conservation Assistance Act-Education (ECAA-ED)
ECAA-Ed, funded by the California Clean Energy Jobs Fund (Proposition 39), provides no-interest loans for energy projects to community college districts and educational agencies such as K-12 districts and charter schools. Loans are paid back within 20 years using energy cost savings. The loan recipient is:

Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP)
The Energy Commission approved $2 million through an interagency agreement to develop and administer an electric vehicle charging station financing program for the California Pollution Control Financing Authority. The agreement is funded through the ARFVTP, which supports technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on petroleum-based fuels.

The California Energy Commission also approved the 2014 Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) annual report, which highlights energy research, development and demonstration projects funded through PIER, provides an evaluation of their success and an overview of ratepayer benefits.

The Energy Commission has invested more than $779 million for energy research and development through PIER, leveraging its investment to attract more than $1.3 billion in match funding.

Picture of Part of a solar complex in California by the USA.Gov - BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT.

Thursday 19th March 2015

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