£6 Billion Annual Cost of Poor Energy Efficiency in UK Businesses

ACCORDING to the UK’s Environment Agency’s annual Greener Business Report poor energy efficiency is costing UK businesses over £6 billion a year.

Notwithstanding this detail, the Environment Agency report that the UK’s industrial sector is showing an improvement in its environmental performance.

Over 50 percent of UK industrial sites monitored by the Agency achieved their highest ‘A’ rating for environmental performance and management, with nearly nine out of ten falling into the top two bands.

The energy sector remains the largest single source of emissions, totalling 75 percent of greenhouse gases, 82 percent of nitrogen oxides and 75 percent of sulphur oxides, but these have been significantly reduced over the last 10 years.

Paul Leinster, the Agency’s chief executive said:

“Our analysis shows that most companies have a good environmental record, despite the difficult economic conditions.”

“Green business is good business because it can help reduce costs and enhances reputation with customers.”

The Agency will use the report to guide its next five years activities, stating it will be concentrating on working with the worst performing sectors, providing advice and guidance and regular inspections.

Picture by Ken Crosby

Tuesday 30th November 2010

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