ADB Calls for Investment in Asia-Pacific Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy

THE Asian Development Bank (ADB) is urging countries in the Asia-Pacific region to invest in energy efficiency and clean energy to benefit from the resulting economic gains.

Haruhiko Kuroda, ADB President, said today in a speech at the opening of the 6th Asia Clean Energy Forum in Manila, that investment in energy efficiency and clean energy will meet the growing energy demand across developing Asian countries, while mitigating the effects of climate change.

Kuroda said: “Asians have more to lose from climate change than any other people. The climate fight will be won or lost by decisions made in this region.

"An important key to lowering energy intensity is the elimination of fossil fuel subsidies and transition to renewable energy. Asia must also take radical steps to increase energy efficiency."

Currently Asia has some of the world's fastest growing economies, but the increasing prosperity allied to a rapidly rising population has dramatically increased the demand for energy. The current estimates for the region’s energy requirements will double by 2030.

The ADB report that if nothing is done to manage the areas energy demand it would lead to a reverse of Asia-Pacific’s recent hard-won economic gains.

Picture of Pasig River Manila Philippines by Ibarra svd

Wednesday 22nd June 2011

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