Asia Switches on to Demand for Energy Efficiency

Citywire reports that the Asian market is ripe for efficient energy companies – and sees China as key to the sector’s future.

‘China is definitely our focus point, but not only for solar power,’ says François Perrin, who runs the €20 million Fortis L Fund Green Tigers fund .

‘The Chinese want to develop their industries and they are looking to the financial market to raise money for it. And in my opinion the energy efficiency sector is the most promising area,’ he added.

According to Perrin, in recent years there has been an increase in demand for energy efficient buildings in Asia, as well as an increase for infrastructure solutions.

‘Whereas in Europe and the US the governments impose legislation which companies have to follow, in Asia the trend is that the rising population in urbanised areas is putting pressure on the government to provide these modern facilities.’

The trend towards a western lifestyle in many areas in Asia has led to strong demand for energy-efficient products in the building, energy and retail sector.

Companies specialising in LED lighting, building insulation and efficient air-conditioning look promising for investors wishing to capitalise on this sector.

Thursday 1st April 2010

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