Australian Fruit Growers get Energy Efficiency Grant

THE Australian Government is helping the countries fruit growers to discover energy savings across their facilities through a $636,970 (Australian) grant.

The grant has been awarded to Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL) who will now audit fruit growers and look where costs can be cut through energy efficiency.

APAL spokeswoman Annie Farrow highlighted that electricity is the second highest cost for growers after payroll. Fruit growers run up such large power bills through having to run cool rooms, irrigation and lighting large packing sheds.

"If you take all those energy sinks, there is enormous potential if we identify specific areas, new technologies, behavioural changes, that growers and packing shed operators can make changes,” Farrow said, adding, "We estimate a savings potential of at least 20 per cent."

The energy audits will cover 10 regions, with APAL partnering Summerfruit Australia and Cherry Growers Australia to conduct seminars over the next 18 months.

Picture of Australian Fruit by Tatters and reproduced under CCL.

Wednesday 10th July 2013

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