Beijing's New Energy Efficient Building

THE Beijing Greenland Center recently completed in the Chinese capital was designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) to sustainable and energy efficient.

Located between Beijing’s historic core and its largest international airport, the 260-meter-tall tower in the Dawangjing business district, situated on the city’s northeast side. Sustainable and efficient, the project includes 173,000 square meters of workspace and retail.

The 260-meter-tall, 55-story tower is clad in an intricate, trapezoidal glass curtain that creates a woven texture of light and shadow. The repeating glass modules undulate, providing self-shading that improves the building’s environmental performance.

They used two types of trapezoidal Low-E (efficient) glass modules - one tapers upward, the other downward, with the two alternating across the facade, refracting the daylight inside and out. This design improves the building's thermal performance, cutting down on solar heat gain compared to a completely flat glass facade.

SOM reckon that there will be a 30% reduction in energy use and water consumption compared to other Chinese buildings of similar dimensions and use.

Part from the fancy facade, the building also includes energy-efficient technoclogy, including variable speed pumps for heating and cooling, an evaporative cooling system, and an energy recovery heat exchange system that recaptures exhaust gases and hot air and reuses them for heating known as a thermal wheel.

Source: SOM

Monday 27th June 2016

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