Benefits of Energy Management and Efiiciency Recognised

THE financial wisdom of becoming energy efficient has been highlighted today by Process Engineer magazine.

In an article discussing the cost of Carbon Capture Schemes and how they are in the early stages of development the magazine points out the importance of industry, in particular, and commerce becoming energy efficient as the simplest way of reducing their carbon emissions but above all as it make sound fiscal sense.

The magazine states:

“It makes sound economic sense for businesses to look at optimising energy consumption.

“Heavy industry organisations, in particular, can slash operational expenses, generate bottom-line improvements and drive up performance levels. After all, for such companies, energy costs are the second largest drain on budgetary resources after raw materials.

“This is particularly critical in the current downturn. As profitability levels fall away, money for capital projects is in increasingly short supply. Before even considering new investment, therefore, businesses will wish to push assets to energy efficiency limits so as to reduce operating costs. And in order to do this, they will be looking to focus on ensuring optimal energy performance.”

The article then discusses the way in which organisations define and interpret energy management.

The main challenge is to identify the combination of improvements that best meets the demands of the existing production processes and utility systems and maximises potential in line with company objectives.

An integrated and holistic approach to energy performance management can generate significant savings in energy costs and hence greenhouse gas emissions, not only within manufacturing units but also in the utilities systems that support them.

Providing commerce, industry and organistaions with the right equipment is vital, helping them to make the intelligent and most cost effective choices regarding energy saving.

Monday 19th April 2010

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