Better Building Challenge Brings Savings

THE U.S. government’s Energy Department joined with three of the nation’s energy efficiency leaders to showcase three new commercial energy efficiency projects.

Each of the projects are part of President Obama’s Better Buildings Challenge and are delivering substantial energy and cost savings for the businesses.

The challenge was launched by President Obama in 2011, and is a unique partnership between public and private leaders to reduce energy use in America’s commercial and industrial buildings.

The three projects, all in California, a grocery store, a university laboratory, and a hotel are all building upgrades that highlight innovative approaches to energy efficiency.

The partners, including Albertson’s of Carpinteria, University of California Irvine, and HEI Hotels & Resorts’ La Jolla Marriott near San Diego, prove that it is possible to meet (and often exceed) the Better Buildings Challenge’s goal of reducing energy use in buildings by 20 percent.

Albertson’s of Carpinteria, for example, have reduced the HVAC system’s energy consumption by 30 percent. UC Irvine successfully cut energy consumption by more than half in its laboratory space at the Natural Sciences II building by using advanced occupancy and air quality sensors. The renovations of the La Jolla Marriott hotel near San Diego included lighting upgrades, improved thermostats in guest rooms, and upgraded HVAC controls.

While these organizations are among the first to celebrate their successes, more than 100 further partner businesses and organizations -- representing two billion square feet -- are waiting to announce their savings.

Picture of UC Irvine by Varin Tsai reproduced under CCL.

Tuesday 28th August 2012

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