Brunei set up Energy Efficiency Awards

TO promote energy efficiency and conservation in the south-east Asian country of Brunei, the Energy Division at the Prime Minister’s Office (EDPMO) yesterday announced new national awards to be presented to organisations that practise outstanding energy efficiency and conservation measures.

Ahmad Hj Mohamad, head of the EDPMO’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Unit, said the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Initiatives Awards aims to promote and disseminate best practices in energy management in buildings and industries in Brunei.

The awards comprise four categories: schools, commercial, government and industries (manufacturing, processing, etc).

“The awards aims is to encourage all sectors’ participation in adopting and implementing innovative and creative energy management approaches towards energy efficiency and conservation to enhance business competition,” Mohamad said during the “Energy Management Briefing to Ministries and Government Departments and Private Sector”.yesterday.

The awards also aim to promote the energy management as a way of using energy optimally while contributing to environmental protection.

Friday 16th April 2010

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