Call for West Virginia Leadership on Energy Efficiency Polcies

SIERRA Club volunteers and supporters delivered a petition to West Virginia Governor Earl Tomblin calling on him to position West Virginia as a leader in energy efficiency policies.

The Sierra Club state that cost saving energy efficiency policies have the potential to create more than 19,000 jobs and save more than $500 million on utility bills in West Virginia. The petition makes the case that Governor Tomblin should seize the opportunity presented by energy efficiency programs, which eliminate waste and improve our economy, by making them a priority for his administration in 2015. Energy efficiency will be critical to the governor’s work this year, especially in light of upcoming opportunities around important Public Service Commission cases.

Support for this initiative to cut energy waste was organized by the Sierra Club’s West Virginia Chapter. Previously, efficiency advocates have won agreements in Harrison and Jefferson Counties for comprehensive professional energy audits of business and community buildings that will yield recommendations for cutting energy waste. Now, they are calling on Governor Tomblin to become a champion for energy efficiency, cutting waste, and saving on electricity bills throughout the state.

Energy Efficiency leaders from Harrison and Monongalia Counties traveled to the Governor's Office this morning to deliver their petition in person.

"I want to see robust energy efficiency programs in my community, especially when you consider that seniors on fixed incomes are having difficulty paying un-necessarily high winter energy bills," said Laura Yokochi, and energy efficiency supporter from Harrison County. “Governor Tomblin should start implementing programs to weatherize more homes in West Virginia, and install more high performance heating systems in low income homes."

Picture: The skyline of Charleston, West Virginia by Tim Kiser reproduced under CCL.

Tuesday 16th December 2014

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