Canadian city approves energy-saving investments for public buildings

The British Columbia (BC) city of Burnaby has approved a variety of energy conservation projects at civic facilities that will see energy-saving products and solutions adopted to cut their emissions.

Some $210,000 (£116,000) is to be spent on seven energy conservation projects on the buildings including the Burnaby Sports Complex, which will be fitted with motion sensors to turn lights out in changing rooms when they are not in use.

Hardware and software energy-saving products will be used to reduce the amount of power used in heating and air-conditioning systems at the McGill library branch.

While the Confederation Centre will be fitted with extra insulation around heating ducts, energy-saving lighting will also be incorporated in Bonsor Recreation Complex, Burnaby Lake Arena, Bill Copeland Arena and Kensington Arena.

The Canadian province of BC was recently identified as the country's largest promoter of green initiatives and businesses in a report by consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.


Tuesday 11th August 2009

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