China Turns to Industrial Workers for Energy Saving Advice

IN China’s on going efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions the country has started a national campaign to obtain energy saving advice from industrial workers.

The programme will run for the rest of 2010 and was initiated by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the All China Federation of Trade Unions.

As we reported recently China wants to reduce their energy consumption by 20 per cent per unit of gross domestic product (GDP) during 2010, compared to 2005 levels, all part of the country's 11th five-year plan, which ends this year.

Li Yizhong, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said on Sunday that the target was an "extremely heavy task" with the current circumstances for the country, although reductions of 14.38 percent had been reached between 2006 and 2009.

Li Yizhong added that industrial workers were on the front line of production processes and they know a large amount about how to achieve further reductions in emissions and energy saving.

The campaign encourages industrial companies to turn to their workers for advice on energy saving and to publish constructive ideas and positive achievements, with rewards being given to workers and companies that achieve substantial progress in energy saving.

Picture Robert Scoble

Tuesday 15th June 2010

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