COP17 - US-China "Ping-Pong" Must End

THE European Parliament is calling for a binding global deal on climate change to be agreed by 2015, but the "ping pong blame game" between the US and China is holding up progress.

This “game” that is preventing progress must come to an end, said Jo Leinen, Chair of the European Parliament’s Environmental Committee and their delegation to the UN climate change summit in Durban.

Leinen stated: “We urgently need countries to sign up to a ‘roadmap’ that will lead to agreement on a binding global deal by 2015. The recurring ping-pong blame game between the US and China is no longer acceptable and must come to an end. 
“The European Parliament strongly supports a Kyoto Protocol second commitment period, as long as environmental integrity is respected.

“EU climate legislation set our targets for 2020 and we are ready to commit to more ambitious goals for the future to achieve a low carbon economy by 2050. The financial crisis should not be an excuse to give up climate protection, but an opportunity to invest in green technologies.”

On financing of climate aid, Mr Leinen added: “We must not leave Durban without agreement on the promised Green Climate Fund and we cannot accept that it remains an empty box. Success in Durban depends on securing funds to help poorer countries take the necessary adaption and mitigation measures. Let’s not forget that this is an African summit and Africa stands to suffer most from climate change.”

Improving energy efficiency, clean energy generation, energy management and monitoring all help to reduce waste and can drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions - all helping green targets to be met. Although in themselves these measures reduce energy costs and prove to be a strong motivator for action, the environmental concerns must not be forgotten and international agreement is vital for combating climate change.

As many experts highlight, although economic concerns for taking action is important for the near future the mid to long range outlook is bleak according to the recent reports from respected global organisations - less talk and more action is needed.

Picture of Mosaic of people pushing world leaders to act at Durban climate talks from Oxfam International reproduced under CCL.

Thursday 8th December 2011

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