Croatian Company get 9.9M Euro Energy Efficiency Loan

PODRAVKA, one of the largest food producers in Croatia, have received a €9.9 million loan from the EBRD to improve its energy efficiency.

A press release from the company reveals: "The loan will finance investments focused on improvements in various factories and the company’s headquarters building.

“This improvement of energy efficiency is expected to generate annual savings estimated at 5,614 kNm3 gas, 7,309 MWh power, 45,000 m3 water and 14,918 tCO2. This potential has been identified by independent consultants that performed an energy, resource and building stock assessment, in cooperation with Podravka's experts."

Investments in energy efficiency form an integral part of Podravka’s wider efforts to strengthen the company’s competitiveness. The company’s strategic plan for 2013-18 aims at bolstering Podravka’s market position, particularly in lieu of Croatia’s accession to the European Union.

Vedrana Jelušić Kašić, EBRD Director for Croatia, said: “We are confident that the planned investments will significantly strengthen the competitiveness of Podravka and will also deliver environmental benefits by improving the company’s production standards and methods. These are investments in the future which will provide both economic and environmental rewards.”

The company added in their press release that the investments in energy efficiency form an integral part of their wider efforts to strengthen the company’s competitiveness on international markets.

Source and picture of one of their factories from Podravka.

Friday 26th July 2013

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