Energy-efficiency funding granted in South Carolina

The city of Charleston in South Carolina is set to roll out a series of energy-saving measures after being awarded $1.1 million (£673,164) in federal stimulus funding.

According to the Post and Courier, some of the money will be used to set up a new organisation known as the Charleston Energy Efficiency Partnership, which will promote energy-saving improvements to property owners.

There are also plans for a new community centre incorporating energy-efficient features, while Charleston's traffic signals will be switched from traditional bulbs to power-saving LEDs.

Charleston's new director of sustainability Brian Sheehan said that plans for the Energy Efficiency Partnership will be presented to the city council on Tuesday (October 27th).

Details of the initiative are yet to be finalised, although the council may attempt to help fund the programme with private investment.

"I think the message to council on Tuesday is, we're not asking them to commit to a particular business model. We're allowed the use that money to develop a model," Mr Sheehan told the newspaper.

Earlier this month, Florida-based consultancy H2Engineering received Gold certification under the LEED scheme for its Tallahassee headquarters, which features sensor-controlled lighting, variable-speed air conditioning with humidity sensors and reflective roofing.

Published by Richard Bailey

Tuesday 27th October 2009

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