"Energy Efficiency is Vital for our Future" - EU and Ukraine Coference

“ENERGY efficiency is vital for our future. Demand for energy is growing, and climate change is now at the centre of the political agenda.”

So stated James Wilson, the Director of the EU Ukraine Business Council, ahead of a conference focusing on energy efficiency.

The European Union (EU) and Ukraine have developed closer economic ties through the negotiation of a free trade agreement, which is a key feature in cooperation on energy efficiency.

The closer relationship was mentioned during the second of a series of Energy Round Tables, organised by the EU Ukraine Business Council.

Wilson added when he spoke ahead of the conference:

“The most effective way to cut energy costs and tackle CO2 emissions at the same time is to reduce consumption through energy efficiency programmes.

“Time is running out, we can achieve 57 percent reduction in our emissions with more efficient use of energy, but we must also research the technologies that will be essential to sustain affordable energy for the future and implement these advances faster than we are doing now.”

The conference will consider the many new business opportunities in energy efficiency that are being generated through energy saving awareness and through closer partnership between Ukraine and the EU.

The conference will also consider what funding is available for the development of new energy saving projects and initiatives.

Picture by tgraham

Thursday 24th June 2010

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