Energy Efficiency Key to UK's Emission Targets

ANGELA Knight of Energy UK, has flagged up areas the UK Government need to develop to get new energy efficiency schemes working and the challenges involved.

Knight, the CEO of the trade body for the energy sector, said in a letter to climate change minister Greg Barker that energy efficiency needs to be at the heart of UK energy policy if the country is going to meet the ambitious targets the Government has set for carbon reduction.

She highlighted the need to get new UK Government energy efficiency schemes working well and set out  the key challenges were highlighted from Energy UK’s recent series of the UK’s Green Deal and ECO road-shows.

Knight said: “Energy efficiency schemes must work well for people to want to get involved with them. Problems with Green Deal and ECO need to be ironed out quickly for them to be in the best interests of customers, so they can cut their energy use.... The new schemes are still bedding down and the work Energy UK has been doing, with support and involvement from the Department for Energy and Climate Change, highlights a number of areas where improvements can be made and lessons can be learned.”

Picture of Ferrybridge Power Station by Lynne Kirton [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Monday 1st July 2013

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