Energy-efficiency project helps 'green' grocers save money

A new energy-saving initiative is enabling grocery stores in the state of Wisconsin to boost their earnings.

According to the Journal Sentinel, the Green Grocer Program is a voluntary certification scheme devised by Better Environmental Solutions and a local utility company.

To encourage businesses to adopt a greener approach, the project gives grocery stores a rating according to their energy efficiency, as well as evaluating their performance in areas such as recycling and waste reduction.

Brandon Scholz, head of the Wisconsin Grocers Association and a founder of the scheme, explained that grocery stores are often "energy hogs" that can make significant savings by reducing their power use.

"People don't realise it, they don't think about it, but it's a grocery store, so think about all the lighting and freezers and coolers," he told the newspaper.

One of the premises taking part in the project is expected to save over $51,000 (£30,780) a year after making various changes to its energy use, including the installation of occupancy sensors for lights and temperature controls for its refrigerators.

In an article published recently in the Guardian, environmental news service Grist claimed that an "energy efficiency revolution" is now underway in the US, with a growing number of businesses using technology to lower their power consumption.

Published by Lisa Burke

Wednesday 21st October 2009

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