Energy Efficiency Should Top the EU Agenda

ENERGY efficiency should be a key priority of Europe's energy strategy for 2011-2020, say MEPs in a resolution adopted today.

Applying existing legislation in full, promoting energy projects and strengthening EU external energy policy are among the other priorities.

The future strategy should also strive to achieve a single energy market, security of supply and affordable energy prices for all consumers, says the resolution, which was approved today.

MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) stress that energy efficiency should be at the top of the EU agenda, as a cost-effective way to cut energy dependency, combat climate change, create jobs and curb energy bills.

The MEPs call on the European Commission to assess the implementation of existing legislation, and say that if its findings prove unsatisfactory, then the forthcoming revision of the European Union (EU) Energy Efficiency Action Plan should include further European Union (EU) measures for Member States, such as individual efficiency targets designed to bring about overall energy savings of at least 20 percent at EU levels, whilst taking account of national circumstances.

The resolution reiterates the European Parliament's call for 50 percent of homes to be fitted with smart meters by 2015 and 80 percent of consumers to be equipped with intelligent metering systems by 2020, enabling them to monitor their consumption and so improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

According to the resolution the EU should have a strong international voice in its energy relations. The resolution says that EU Energy Community membership should be extended to more EU neighbouring countries, and notably those in the Eastern Partnership.

Picture by Steve Cadman

Thursday 25th November 2010

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