Energy Efficiency Through "Modernisation not Westernisation"

INDIAN State Gujarat’s Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, highlighted the need for more energy efficiency planning to boost economic growth. 

Speaking during a seminar on Energy Efficiency and Thermal Audit, Modi said that in the western Indian State of Gujarat they need to modernise but without westernisation.

Explaining this view the Chief Minister explained that although science is universal, it is useless if it does not suit local conditions and situations.

"Instead of copying others, one should try to do value addition. Science is universal, but its success is when the technology developed has local application," Modi said, adding that there is need to develop technology as per one's requirements and needs. "With mantra of modernisation without westernisation we can do a lot of things," he added.

Modi also stated that the environmental damage perpetrated over the last 300 years could be repaired in the next 30 years, if energy efficiency is improved and further degradation of the environment is reduced.

He further explained that for the hot climate like India’s, the usage of glass-walls and the corporate-style buildings are just blind imitations of western countries which led to the wastage of energy through unnecessary air-conditioning and lighting..

Modi blames the developed nations for ignoring the earlier warnings of climate change: "It is because of threat of global warming that the world has started looking at green energy, energy efficiency and thermal audit."

Picture of Gujarat Legistative Assembly at Gandhinagar by Uday Parmar, reproduced under CCL.

Tuesday 29th November 2011

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