Energy Efficiency Vital to Renewable Impact Claims Porritt

JONATHON Porritt, co-founder of Forum for the Future feels that renewable technologies cannot deliver unless the world also cuts its energy use over the next 30-40 years.

Porritt revealed his thoughts in Edinburgh yesterday at the Scottish Renewables annual conference, where the former director of Friends of the Earth said that energy efficiency has to become the focus if renewable’s are going to succeed.

edieEnergy news report Porrit as saying: "The potential success of renewable technologies in meeting the needs of the world over the next 30-40 years will depend on reducing energy demand in the global economy. It really does all depend on getting our energy efficiency right," said Porritt.

He congratulated the Scottish government and industry, for its renewable vision, but added that to deliver renewable solutions is very tight.

"We're living in a pretty scary world, with energy prices permanently high and oil unlikely to fall below $100 a barrel at any point in the future.

“In addition, climate change is an issue which doesn't go away, just because politicians find it difficult. And yet the lion's share of new investment is still going into hydrocarbon assets. That's pretty incredible.

"If we continue with investments like that for the next 5-10 years there can be only two possible outcomes. Either we'll increase greenhouse gases, tripping all the temperature thresholds we've been warned about, and end up cooking the planet, or governments will need to pull down the blind on the hydrocarbon industry, a change which would make the 2008 global crisis look like a picnic."

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Wednesday 28th March 2012

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