Energy Efficient Firms Could Double Success Over Competitors

IF businesses develop an energy strategy they are over twice as likely to lead their market competition according to a survey of more than 1000 UK companies by Centrica Business Solutions.

The responses revealed that investment in advanced energy solutions report many benefits, with 41% enjoying substantial reductions in energy bills. 35% also reported that hey had gained greater visibility and then control of their energy use through their investment.

Improvements in a companies reputation were also reported by 25% of the respondents, with over 20% indicating they reckoned they had also gained more revenue through their energy efficiency actions.

Despite these positive results just under half of the businesses are still implement any energy efficiency measures.

Energy Live News report Tim Wynn-Jones, Centrica Business Solution’s UK Head of Distributed Energy Solutions Sales, as stating: “Businesses are increasingly moving away from a commoditised attitude to energy. Instead, they’re looking at how investing in energy delivers benefits beyond cost savings alone.

“They know their relationship with energy can have a far-reaching impact that helps power performance and drive their business forward.”

Similar results have been found in other countries who also took part in Centrica Business Solutions' surveys.

Picture: Adobe Stock.

Monday 30th April 2018

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