Energy-efficient lighting installed in Connecticut health centres

Two University of Connecticut health centres will use stimulus funding to install energy-saving lighting systems, it has been announced.

According to state governor M Jodi Rell, $420,000 (£259,252) will be spent on replacing outmoded light fixtures in the buildings at Farmington and West Hartford with energy-efficient fixtures and occupancy sensors.

She unveiled the project as the first of 16 energy-saving initiatives that will use $5 million in stimulus money to boost the local economy and safeguard jobs.

Ms Rell described Connecticut's medical buildings as "enormous consumers of energy", but said that the new lighting system will "make a substantial reduction in those costs".

She added that the stimulus package will be used "to bring our major state buildings into the 21st century in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings".

In June, Connecticut was awarded $15.4 million to prioritise energy saving and boost renewable power sources under the US Department of Energy's State Energy Program.

Published by Lisa Burke

Thursday 15th October 2009

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