Energy is a Concern for most European Regions

A survey of European regions has revealed that 92 per cent rate energy as one their top concerns for the future.

A poll of 67 European regions conducted by the Association of European Regions (AER), also reports that 77 per cent of the regions have developed sustainable energy plans and processes.

The report comments that providing regional authorities "better competences" and "financial incentives" would allow them to "better respond" to energy challenges and situations.

The AER comment on the results of the survey:

"Existing funding opportunities are still not fully exploited...In recent times, energy awareness has undoubtedly made great strides in Europe.

"After many years of waiting, the EU started to put in place adequate regulatory measures....Regions and their citizens should, however, have their say in a new European energy decision making process."

President of AER, Michèle Sabban, stated about the two-day gathering in Brussels this week to reveal the survey was "important" for European regions, stating: "Energy is an issue that affects the daily life of citizens and their future."

While many European government officials gathered to discuss the report a European parliament committee adopted draft EU legislation on energy efficiency for buildings, which will be voted on in May.

The legislations goal is to help energy users to reduce their energy bills and help the EU to reach its proposed climate change target of using 20 per cent less energy by 2020.

EU states will be required to apply the energy performance of buildings' measures into national law by mid-2012.

Friday 30th April 2010

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