Energy Manifesto from Utility E.ON

UK utility company E.ON has launched its own energy manifesto ahead of the UK Election offering positions and policy suggestions fto make energy simpler, smarter, sustainable, and more efficient for customers.

Globally, the energy sector is taking advantage of new technology and new ways of doing things. E.ON’s aim is to be at the forefront of this global change and create a better tomorrow for everyone by delivering new solutions, products and services built around customers’ needs, to help them save energy and money.

To deliver this energy future for Britain, E.ON asks the new Government to:

  1. Choose competitive markets as the best way of fostering innovation and delivering value for money for customers
  2. Enable us to deliver a smarter energy future for our customers in the next Parliament
  3. Make energy efficiency a National Infrastructure Priority to keep homes warm, businesses competitive and create skilled jobs country-wide
  4. Continue to tackle climate change in the electricity, heat and transport sectors to keep the UK on course for meeting the fifth carbon budget
  5. Work with us to deliver a low carbon industrial strategy

E.ON’s UK Chief Executive, Michael Lewis, said: “E.ON’s three core businesses mirror the major changes that are happening in energy today: increasing demand for innovative customer solutions, the global growth of renewables as part of the effort to tackle climate change, and the transformation to a smarter energy system.

“To deliver the future of energy in Britain, we need a coherent set of energy policies and an adherence to guiding principles that will deliver the best outcomes for customers: a commitment to competitive markets that drive innovation and lower costs, evidence-based policy making, and a recognition of the vital role that energy plays in Britain’s industrial strategy and in providing high quality, skilled jobs across the country.”

Source: E.ON

Monday 22nd May 2017

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