Energy Prices Lead to Energy Efficiency Focus

IN an excellent article at by Sarah Murray the business case for improving energy efficiency is expertly argued and should convince decision makers that are lagging behind in energy efficiency.

Murray quotes the commissioner of Connecticut’s department of energy and environmental protection, Daniel Esty, as he explains the “market failure” of many companies through missing out on the gains from energy efficiency measures.

Esty calls this failure “as a serious error by failing to take on those investments as a way to cut costs,” as the said firms miss out on “substantial opportunities” for high and quick returns on energy efficiency investments.

With further evidence and figures from the McKinsey Global Institute on the economic sense of improving energy efficiency globally, Murray highlights the substantial savings available for individual businesses.

The article adds that small and medium sized companies carry the greatest guilt over low or no action on energy efficiency - adding that often becoming energy efficient can appear to be complex, such as a lack of accurate metering to monitor energy use across a facility or enterprise.

A portion of the article highlights the importance of “dashboard systems that display the amount of energy being used in an office or manufacturing facility and its real-time cost”, as it conveys information in a way that everyone can understand.

Murray continues to reason that with ever rising energy prices business owners minds should focus more sharply on energy efficiency opportunities, as costs savings are vital to the life of any business in the current and forecasted economic climate.

Adding views on behavioural change, management drive and governmental action the article is a powerful piece for all those working in the energy saving industry.

Check out the full article by clicking here.

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Thursday 29th September 2011

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