EU Parliament Endorses New Rules on Energy Efficiency and Labeling

The European Parliament on Wednesday supported new rules that will increase the commitment to display energy efficiency labels of industrial appliances, household appliances and energy-saving products.

"The label must also be attached to energy-consuming products for commercial and industrial use, such as cold storage rooms, display cabinets, industrial cooking appliances, vending machines and industrial motors," the parliament said in a statement Wednesday.

The labeling will also affect products that do not directly use energy but can substantially help to saving it, the Parliament said.

On Tuesday, the EU Parliament also endorsed new directives on energy-saving standards for all new buildings constructed after 2020, which will have to be partially powered by renewable energy.

The buildings rule also affects existing buildings. When existing buildings go through a major refurbishment the energy performance will have to be improved. When renovating, owners will be need to install intelligent energy metering or monitoring and replace equipment and appliances with high-efficiency alternatives. Regular inspections of energy using equipment and systems will be required.

Energy efficiency is of prime importance for the EU, with the double target of cutting harmful emissions while lowering their dependence on imported energy sources.

The rules will now have to be rubber-stamped by European Union governments, before they can become law.

Thursday 20th May 2010

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