Further Calls for Binding Energy Efficiency Target

THE EUROPEAN Commission is about to launch its Roadmap for a resource-efficient Europe, but there are warnings that EU climate targets will not be achieved in the absence of binding energy efficiency targets. 

CEE Bankwatch Network resource campaigner Marijan Galovic states: “Over the past months, we have learnt that without more decisive action, the EU energy efficiency target for 2020 could be missed by almost half. It is therefore urgent that the resource efficiency Roadmap introduces stricter conditionalities on member states.

“Additionally, resource efficiency needs to be streamlined in all EU financial instruments, from the EU Budget to loans by the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.” 

Bankwatch claim some of the technological solutions prioritised at EU level waste already strained public resources on investments which have no long term benefits. 

Bankwatch present the example of EU efforts on carbon capture and storage (CCS), which does not reduce energy consumption in the long-run, implying continued reliance on dirty energy production such as coal. The importing and processing of uranium for nuclear energy from non-EU countries only increases the EUs energy dependence and vulnerability.

These poor investments pale when compared to the great potential of resource and energy efficiency measures.

Experts agree that just across central and eastern Europe, energy efficiency measures can reduce emissions from buildings by 40 to 60 percent, which accounts for 40 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions across Europe.

Galovic added: “The European Commission needs to make sure available EU and national funds are used intelligently, to reduce energy consumption, rather than to provide short-term fixes which lock us in high consumption, resource intensive patterns.

“This means mainstreaming energy and resource efficiency measures in all EU policies and making sure that financial resources are used in line with the EU waste hierarchy which emphasises the prevention of waste production.”

Picture of EU Flag by OpenDemocracy

Friday 22nd April 2011

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