Green buildings 'make financial sense'

A growing number of businesses in Portland, Oregon, are recognising the financial benefits of energy-efficient buildings.

This is according to a report from the Oregonian, which reveals that many firms looking to rent office space in the city are now seeking commercial premises with green building certification.

One of Portland's most high-profile energy-saving structures is the US Bancorp Tower, a 42-storey skyscraper known locally as Big Pink.

The tower was built in 1983 but recently underwent a major retrofitting programme that the owner Unico Properties believes will pay for itself in three years or less.

"Our company's position is that sustainability is a great thing and it's doubly good if it makes financial sense," Brian Pearce, general manager for Unico in Portland, told the news provider.

Commenting on the trend for retrofitting buildings in Portland, office broker Gordon King of Colliers International added: "These businesses are looking at 'how can we align our environmental ethics with business savings?'"

The US Bancorp Tower is the second tallest building in Oregon and was purchased by Unico in 2000 for $165 million (£100 million).

Published by Lisa Burke

Thursday 29th October 2009

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