Green Certification for Philippine's Buildings

TO promote energy efficient buildings and infrastructure in the Philippines, the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE) have launched a new rating system. report that the BERDE Green Building Rating System (GBRS) is used to monitor the environmental performance of buildings that exceed existing mandatory regulations and standards. Currently there are twelve BERDE building projects registered under the Philippine Energy Efficiency Project-Efficient Building Initiative (PEEP-EBI), along with 31 government buildings being monitored for efficient lighting certification.

Under PEEP-EBI, explains that the government buildings have the potential for energy savings of 1,347 mWh, which equate to PhP7.3 million annually.

DOE Undersecretary, Loreta G. Ayson said: “With the BERDE Green Building rating system in place, we now have the local counterpart for the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design or LEED—the accepted benchmark in green building design in the United States of America. Really this green building rating system is a milestone in the domestic building sector because no green building standard existed here before.

“It is also very timely in the light of the current construction boom in our country which is expected to last at least a few more years and the global trend of energy efficient and environment-friendly building designs.”

The Philippines Government now looks to produce certification of other buildings, setting the example to other sectors when it comes to energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reduction in buildings.

Picture of Roxas Boulevard Manila by Mike Gonzalez (TheCoffee) (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Friday 19th July 2013

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