Guam Launches Energy Efficiency Initiative

THE GOVERNMENT of Guam has launched an energy initiative today, aiming to reduce its spending through energy efficiencies.

Guam Governor Eddie Calvo revealed that his council of economic advisors will work with all stakeholders in the implementation of the energy efficiency effort.

The Guam Department of Education revealed that they are developing energy saving themes for the classroom, in the curriculum but also to improve enegry efficiency in their schools and colleges.

Guam airport also announced plans to invest in energy efficiency equipment to reduce costs, with the Guam Power Authority looking to identify more renewable energy resources.

Ray Tenorio, Guam’s Lieutenant Governor, said, "As this community and this government starts to make the transition and use these energy audits to look at where we might be able to save money, where we are leaking air conditioning, where we are using unnecessary lighting, we will start to realise savings and these savings can be used in more important things like education and of course public safety."

Government officials are also currently working to upgrade several public sector agencies, whose facilities high energy costs are impacting on Guam’s General Fund.

Picture of Guam by alexxis

Tuesday 26th April 2011

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