Harlequins Bright LED Future at The Stoop

HARLEQUINS, a West London based rugby team, will be seeing their games more clearly in the future; saving energy and money due to new LED lighting of their stadium.

The Stoop has been fitted with a new eco-friendly LED system, which reduces the number of lights of the ground while improving games visually for the players and spectators.

The system has been supplied and installed by stadium lighting experts Musco Lighting, who also installed lighting system at the nearby Twickenham Stadium, the largest rugby stadium in the world.

Operations director at Harlequins, Sarah Rpberts stated: “The energy-saving system provides the stadium with the required lux level, with fewer lamps and energy required, which will positively impact our supporters, players and the members of the media.”

For broadcasters it is also a big plus, as televised games will benefit from the improved lighting levels, but also as an up light system has also been installed to improve following the abll through the air.

Although a better light is now provided by energy saving LED lighting, the local resident will also benefit as there is less lighting spill and glare from the new system.

So at the Stoop everyone can see better, while less lamps, and maintenance will be required, less energy consumed delivering a major reduction in costs.

Source and picture of The Stoop supplied by Harlequins.

Friday 13th January 2017

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