Hawaii's Capitol Enters Energy Efficiency Battle

HAWAII'S State Capitol employees are fighting it out in the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Battle of the Buildings in an effort to be the most energy-efficient workplace in the U.S.

Hawaii NewsNow reports the words of Jon Chin from the State Energy Office of the Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism: "Really, the x factor is human behavior and how much you can get people to start conserving"

In the effort to win the "Battle" Hawaii has launched what they have entitled the iConserve Energy initiative, which involves asking employees to be energy conscious in the Capitol building as well as in nine other state offices.

Chin told Hawaii News: "If 2 percent of the people in the 10 buildings downtown were to implement some of these savings measures, I think they came up with a figure of about $75,000."

The energy efficiency measures include, amongst others, low or no cost actions, such as turning off during lunch breaks and at the end of the day, removing screensavers, turning off coffee makers and turning off lights.

"This battle of the buildings is going to do more than just change the way this building operates. It's going to change the way each and everyone of us operates," Representative Derek Kawakami of the House Energy & Environmental Protection committee told Hawaii NewsNow.

In the competition, energy use will be tracked until November, after which the EPA will announces a winner from all the competition entrants across the States.

Picture of Hawaii State Capitol by cliff1066

Thursday 30th June 2011

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