ICT 'can make businesses more energy efficient'

Businesses should view information and communications technology (ICT) as a vital tool in the energy efficiency process.

This is according to Clark MacFarlane, managing director of Siemens IT Solutions and Services, who told the Daily Telegraph that ICT has the potential to make a major impact on energy-saving projects in the business world.

He said that ICT is "a minor part of the problem, but a major part of the solution" in terms of energy consumption.

"Every aspect of business can be made more efficient, more sustainable and cheaper through ICT," Mr MacFarlane told the newspaper.

Molly Webb, head of strategic engagement at The Climate Group, explained that ICT's primary energy-saving function should be to enable efficiency - it can help people to understand how, when and where they use energy.

Computer technology can then be incorporated into energy-saving devices such as occupancy sensors, which turn off lights and heating systems when rooms are not in use.

The European Commission recently called on the ICT sector in Europe to provide details of the steps it will take to become 20 per cent more energy efficient by 2015.

Published by Matt Westwood

Monday 19th October 2009

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