India Needs Energy Efficient Systems

New energy efficient measures are desperately needed to make India more sustainable, as the country heads for an energy crisis.

India relies on coal to source energy, and more diversity in its sources is necessary to avoid a majorly critical situation, according to the predictions of the UN's top climate change panel chairman.

The Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC)'s chairman, Rajendra Pachauri, told New Delhi reporters that India was risking to burn through its reserves if it failed to curb its high-polluting coal consumption in the near future.

"There's going to be a major constraint in supply of coal and if we don't bring about a shift to a more sustainable pattern of energy consumption and supply India is going to face a major crisis".

As Council Member of the Energy Saving Association (ESA), Thomas Brandner joins Mr. Pachauri in the belief that energy efficiency is essential to reducing a country's carbon footprint.

By making its industries energy efficient, India could reduce its emissions drastically and also improve profitability by cutting its energy costs.

Over 50% of global energy demands will be coming from India and China by 2030, according to the International Energy Agency.

With its 1.2 billion population and with coal providing just under half of its colossal electricity needs, India is accountable for a huge carbon footprint.

Pachauri urged India to improve energy efficiency and make "a very rapid move" to use more renewable sources of energy.

Wednesday 23rd December 2009

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