India Reveals Plans for a Sustainable Future

ACTION is being taken around Asia to deal with the expected massive increase in energy demand up to 2030, panelist heard at the four-day World Future Energy Summit.

The Summit taking place in Abu Dhabi this week and a panel convened to discuss sustainable environment solutions around the world, with Indian representatives revealing their plans for a sustainable future.

According to data presented at the panel, 93 percent of all urban growth until 2030 will take place in developing nations, with 80 per cent of the growth taking place in Asia and Africa.

Plus there will be 70 cities in India by 2020 that will each have around a million population. Also 20 per cent of all global energy demand in 2030 is predicted to come from China.

Associate director of sustainable building resources at The Energy Resources Institute in India, Mili Majumdar, who was one of the speakers at the panel, addressed the outlook for India.

"We expect our population to increase to about 1.4 billion people by 2025 and since most people will be part of the middle class by 2016, we have extensive energy demands," Majumdar explained.

"The (Indian) federal government is therefore implementing a new plan called GRIHA, which encourages and incentivises energy efficiency," she revealed to Gulf News.

The new initiative is aimed at reducing energy consumption in both commercial and domestic buildings, Majumdar added.

Five million square metres of urban area in India will be made energy efficient by 2012, and the government is also working on a plan to conserve energy in existing buildings. Majumdar revealed.

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Thursday 20th January 2011

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