India's Kerala State Ripe for Energy Efficiency

INDIA’S south western State of Kerala daily loses 400 MW of electricity, due to inefficient use of energy by businesses, government agencies and domestic users.

A study by the Indian National Productivity Council, for the Energy Management Centre-Kerala (EMC) and Bureau of Energy Efficiency, reveals the extent of the problem. The study estimated that 1.558 billion units of power is wasted across the State annually due to “unscientific utilisation”, which is about 12.8 percent of the total consumption.

EMC conducted an energy efficiency study in various Government buildings and public sector units discovering that the potential for saving energy is around 15 to 30 percent.

The annual sale of electricity to the business and commercial sector is 1.9 billion units, accounting for 15.7 percent of the total electricity sold. For the study the commercial sector is made up of Government and private establishments, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, educational institutions and retail malls.

Across the State there are 45 commercial buildings which account for an annual energy consumption of 506 million units, which works out to around 26.4 percent of the commercial sectors consumption. The annual energy savings potential for these 45 commercial buildings is assessed to be 102 million units of electricity.

Picture of Ananthapadmanabha Temple by thejasp reproduced under CCL.

Tuesday 15th November 2011

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