Indonesia to issue New Regulation on Energy Saving

THE Jakarta Post reports Indonesia Coordinating Economic Minister Hatta Radjasa revealing today that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono plans to issue a new energy saving regulation for his country.

Radjasa said, “The President has instructed [us] to issue a presidential regulation on energy saving, for example, for electricity and fuel."

Radjasa added that the energy saving program was initially introduced several years ago as Indonesia was facing surging fuel prices on the international market. Hence, the new regulations will crank up the energy saving program, enabling the Indonesian Government to involve national and local Government administrations and bureaucracies.

The Post adds that Radjasa revealed, “Yudhoyono said we must save electricity and fuel because the quota for subsidised fuel continually exceeds the target.

“The minister of energy and mineral resources will determine how the Government should save [energy and fuel]."

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Tuesday 19th July 2011

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