Inner Mongolia's Huge Energy Increase from Industry

Xinhua News Agency reports that electricity consumption by energy intensive industries in Inner Mongolia surged this year.

The Calcium carbide and ferroalloy sectors consumed 14.571 billion kwh of electricity in the first four months accounting for one third of the whole countries consumption.

Industrial electricity consumption in the region soared 41.54% from a year ago to 44.135 billion kwh during January to April. The consumption by calcium carbide and ferroalloy sectors skyrocketed 74.36% and 88.56% respectively.

The region will make reductions of 20,000 tonnes of ferroalloy capacity and 100,000 tons of calcium carbide capacity within this year so as to fulfill energy saving and emission reduction targets.

The local government has vowed to cut or even suspend production of energy intensive products such as calcium carbide and ferroalloy when necessary.

Tuesday 1st June 2010

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