Israeli Supermarket Chain get 12 Month Payback with Compressor Optimisation

A compressor optimisation technology is claimed to have achieved a 12-month payback for Israel’s largest supermarket chain.

The ESM advanced energy efficiency product developed by Smartcool Systems, has been retrofitted at a Shufersal supermarket, a part of the largest supermarket chain in Israel. The savings achieved at the first site are claimed to be 332,260kWh annually.

The unit is installed between the thermostat or primary controller and the compressor and is designed to combat inherent system inefficiencies by optimising compressor cycling in line with existing controls and equipment.

By actively monitoring and analysing the conditions of the system, the ESM dynamically adjusts the length of each cooling cycle in order to help the compressor operate more often under its most energy efficient conditions.

The ESM intercepts the signal from the controller and then calculates when the compressor should start, and how long it should run for maximum energy savings while still achieving the required temperature demand.

Installation took place on high temperature and low temperature refrigeration racks, resulting in a 12-month payback. An ESM unit was also installed on the air conditioning which produced an 18-month payback.

Picture by Hovev reproduced under CCL.

Monday 25th July 2016

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