Jamaican Public Bodies told to Save Energy

JAMAICAN public organisations along with other government agencies have been instructed to reduce their energy consumption this financial year.

Audley Shaw, the Jamaican Finance and Public Service Minister, said on Tuesday that the Jamaican government will be setting an aggressive programme of energy efficiency and conservation.

Shaw answered queries from members of the House of Representatives at a meeting of the Standing Finance Committee, he revealed that all government ministries, departments and agencies are to be required to implement strict energy conservation measures.

Inline with this stern direction the budgets for a number of governmental departments for this year already reflect cuts in funds for utility costs.

At the beginning of the last fiscal year, the Jamaican finance ministry encouraged public-sector organisations to reduce their energy consumption by 15 percent, but later in the year Wesley Hughes, Financial Secretary, revealed that, "Most of the ministries and departments failed to realise the 15 percent savings in usage that we have targeted."

Photo of Jamaica by David G

Wednesday 20th April 2011

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