Kodak Snaps Up Energy Savings

KODAK Alaris has made 11% savings on annual energy costs at its UK manufacturing site through utilising a cloud based energy-management system.
The system developed by DONG energy was launched in 2015 and is a Site Optimisation product, it analyses half-hourly signals from the energy market and calculates the most cost-efficient operating schedules for a specific site. They also use Site Optimisation software to make operating constraints and asset availability into account, creating schedules that are cost-efficient, and also practical to implement.
Kodak Alaris, who produce digital scanner, imaging and photographic products, tuned its plant operation to within 3% of the schedules recommended by Site Optimisation. These changes delivered energy cost savings which far exceeded expectations.
Energy Manager at Kodak Alaris,David Jeans, stated, ”Discovering this innovative product was a real 'light bulb moment' it really does feel like a different plant now. We used to have a plan that didn't change all week because it was built on averages. Now we have a plan that changes from hour to hour, and that really optimises what the plant is doing each day." 
The Site Optimisation software creates a daily run schedule that details the optimal way to operate equipment, schedule production and generate electricity on-site or export it to the grid. Schedules are accessed through an online portal, where information and results can be viewed.

Source: Dong Energy.

Monday 16th January 2017

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