Koskisen Oy Volunteer to Improve Energy Efficiency

FINNISH wood company Koskisen Oy have signed a voluntary National Energy Efficiency Agreement to improve their energy efficiency by 7.5% from current levels by 2025

Koskisen signed the Energy Efficiency Agreement for 2017–2025, with a major aspect of the agreement system being support for the implementation of new energy-efficient technologies and services.

Finland’s Energy Efficiency Agreements is the government’s response to the international obligations set for Finland in the effort to combat the climate change. The agreement scheme plays a central role in the Finnish national Climate and Energy Strategy (2008).

Koskisen are one of at least 156 major companies to have signed an agreement across Finland, and the company states it supports such voluntary agreements compared to binding laws and standards.

“For us, that could mean switching to led lighting.” says Juha Jalkanen, Koskisen’s Director in charge of energy matters, adding, “Initiatives and ideas related to saving energy are just as welcome as those related to boosting production and safety.”

An energy audit was performed in line with the Finnish Energy Efficiency Act at Koskisen in 2015. It identified areas where energy savings can be made. One major area in improving energy efficiency is in the personal responsibility of all Kosiken’s workforce, requiring them to act in line with the voluntary agreement.

Improving energy efficiency is a continuous process that takes the commitment of the entire personnel. It is good to note that energy consumption is being reduced in different sectors through these agreements, voluntarily and without the need for new legislation. The company stated in a press release: “With the help of a national energy efficiency agreements, we are all part of creating a climate-friendly future.”

Source and photo: Koskisen Oy.

Wednesday 30th November 2016

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