Lahore Traders Reject Governments Energy Conservation Measures

We have been reporting regularly on the energy problems in Pakistan and the enforced black-outs to conserve energy.

The nationwide measures are due to a serious shortage in generating capacity in Pakistan, with the planned load-shedding being used to prevent sudden and unplanned black-outs.

Amongst the measures were the closing for holiday periods and reduced hours of government offices and enforcing traders to close early, reducing business trading hours, now the traders in Lahore have reacted.

Rejecting the government’s energy conservation plan, Lahore traders refused to close their stores at the required time of 8pm.

Defending their decision the traders stated that their economic problems were increasing due to the shortened opening hours.

Meanwhile, District Coordination Officer for Lahore, Sajid Bhutta stated that the matter would be resolved after talking with the traders.

Thursday 3rd June 2010

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