Local Businesses to Benefit from Connecticut Program

THE Connecticut Office of Energy Efficient Businesses (OEEB), a state energy efficiency program designed to provide direct outreach to small businesses, is to help businesses in Windham.

OEEB’s engineers and analysts will meet with the town’a businesses to identify energy cost savings from energy efficiency work, energy procurement, fuel switching, and use of renewables. OEEB will also be able to provide education on billing, use of suppliers, financing and referrals for funding.

OEEB provides services to local businesses and communities through door-to-door outreach. “We are approaching small to medium-sized businesses and industrial facilities to provide guidance and information that support intelligent business decisions,” said Joel M. Rinebold, director of energy initiatives for the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT), which oversees OEEB.

According to Rinebold. “Many of these smaller businesses do not have the resources to identify and take advantage of all the energy efficiency programs the state offers to reduce energy consumption and, ultimately, save money. This is where our door to door direct outreach can help businesses,” he commented.

Included in an assessment, OEEB examines a business owner’s energy bills to determine whether their business can obtain a more favorable rate for natural gas and/or electric generation service, analyzes fuel switching opportunities, and identifies financially attractive renewable energy technologies.

Windham’s Mayor’s Office and Town Council endorse the Energy Efficient Business Program to help businesses cut their energy and operating costs. “OEEB will begin visiting businesses in Windham starting April 30. This is a free service to businesses that can help them be more competitive,” stated Mayor Ernie Eldridge. “We urge all businesses in Windham to participate in this effort.”

Businesses eligible for this state-funded program range from small grocery and retail stores, barber shops, and beauty salons to restaurants and small offices. OEEB’s services can help small business owners see savings in their energy usage and bills typically within a one to five-year time frame, which helps boost overall profits.

Photo of Willimantic in Windham by Microinjection (Own work) [Public domain], <a href="http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AWillimantic.JPG">via Wikimedia Commons</a>

Tuesday 29th April 2014

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